There's Another Fisherman Waiting to Catch Your Trout - and
 He's Too Smart to Use and Egg and Sinker Rig

How a rank beginner discovered an expert system that puts an end to fishing frustration

From: Nick Moran

I wanted to ring his neck...

You know who I'm talking about. I'm talking about that guy. There's one on every fishable water. The one that always catches more fish than you.

When I first started fishing for trout, I was desperate to get good good at fishing. I wanted to actually catch fish on a regular basis, not just once in a while. I wanted to be skillful, not just lucky. The only problem was I had no one to help me. My dad is a bookkeeper and his idea of the outdoors is attending an outdoor computer fair. None of my friends gave a hoot about fishing either. I realized if it was going to be, it would be up to me.

I can't tell you how many times I wanted to crawl under a rock, every time somebody came up and asked "get any fish?" It only made me more frustrated, like adding insult to injury. Obviously it was my own pride getting in the way of my learning, keeping me from asking that guy... the one catching all the fish "What am I doing wrong?" or "What are you doing that's so obviously right?" I don't ask for directions easily either, just ask my wife.

As I struggled to catch something other than weeds, my embarrassment started to build. I was fishing every morning, at the crack of dawn before work. I bought all the lures in the magazines, I used every colored dough bait I could find. I had more scents than my wife has perfumes. I knew I was crossing that fine line...

There's a fine line between fishing, and just standing on the shore looking like an idiot.

Then, one day I though to myself - if I could just break down this fishing thing into specific techniques that I could practice, then master, then I'd have some structure, a real way to become a good at fishing. I wouldn't have to try to look like I know what I'm doing, I would actually know what I'm doing! Maybe this would give me what I wanted... more fish, more often and a sense of mastery at a job well done.

This new way of learning fishing worked!

I forget about everything I'd read about, all the articles in the fishing magazines, random stuff I'd read online. I was trying to juggle too many things in my beginners mind. Now, I focused on learning only one thing and learning it deeply. Until that technique became second nature to me. Only then would I move on and learn something else, again with the same unwavering focus.

It transformed my fishing. I got better and better. This way of learning became my system. The only problem was, when I was ready to get past the fundamental issues of handling my equipment and elementary rigging, all the fishing instruction I could find was either too basic, too vague or didn't have any illustrations so I could see what they where talking about.

So, I decided to document the techniques I've learned. The techniques you hear about, but nobody really explains to you fully...

in a series of short laser-targeted PDF reports, so you won't have to learn the hard way, like I did. You can turbo charge your fishing skills. The only thing I leave out is the doing - that's up to you.

  • 40 Page Report Solely on the Fly and Bubble Technique - Gives you all the ins and outs of this one technique, so you can get good at it, not just read about it.

  • 18 Graphics, Photos and Screen Captures - So, you can clearly see what to do.

  • What Flies Produce on What Types of Water - 3 tables you can keep coming back to. Know what flies are proven workhorses on stream, river or lake.

  • Where to Find the Best Kind of Bubble - Sometimes the best is hard to find, but not for you.

  • Step by Step Instructions for Every Part of the Technique - This is not your average "step by step". I tell you everything, not give you a laundry list of vague steps you won't know how to implement.

  • How to Choose the Right Fly Every Time - Know which one to tie on before you even start casting.

  • Retrieve Patterns that Seduce Trout - Learn how to make that fly dance so its irresistible to fish.

  • Troubleshoot for You - Be aware of stumbling blocks before they happen and know how to avoid them altogether.

  • Free Updates for Life - You will receive updates for life at no cost to you, even if the price goes up.

The bottom line here is, if you want to catch more trout, if you want to outfish your friends, if you want to learn a technique that is often more effective than lures and baits and lets you reach fish that traditional fly fishermen can't touch, if you want to experience the the thrill of a fly slamming your fly in the top water, then you want to read this report.

30 Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee

There is absolutely no risk to buying my report.

If you use it and you don't feel it helped you master the fly and bubble technique, if you don't think its the best actionable exposition of this technique you've ever seen at this price, the I don't want your money anyway.


"I Want it, Nick. How Much?"

This is the first report in my series of in depth-fishing techniques. So, I'm starting this off really low, because I want everyone who wants to master the fly and bubble technique to not have to think twice about the price, $7. That price includes free updates for life, but when I do update The Spinning Fly, I plan to raise the price. So, order today, before that happens and save.



Yes Nick, I Want INSTANT ACCESS So, I Can Master the Fly and Bubble Technique Today!

Buy Now

I understand I'll be downloading the 40 page laser-targeted PDF report for just $7 when I act now!

I also realize I have nothing left to lose, since you're so very generously offering a 30-day no questions asked, money-back guarantee if I don't think this is the best in-depth instruction I have ever received on the fly and bubble technique.



Stop junking up your fishing trying to learn everything under the sun, all at the same time. Focus on one technique, and one technique only. It will revolutionize your learning curve: you'll get better, faster and why not start today? With The Spinning Fly as your guide, you could be an expert at the fly and bubble technique today. Order now, while its hot in your mind.

May the Holes in Your Net Be No Larger than the Fish in It,

Nick Moran

P.S.  What's the worst thing that can happen? You get to read my report with me bearing 100% of the burden on the risk free honor system. Put me to the test by clicking here right now, knowing full well that if you're not satisfied for any reason you can get your money back. Think about it, you can easily spend $7 on a couple of lures that you'll eventually leave on the bottom of some lake. This is knowledge that once you learn, you'll never be able to lose. So, what are you waiting for order today.



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